Friday, July 17, 2009

I am having bedding issues

argggghhhhhh! I thought the hard part of all of this was picking the mattress and bed, but it turns out bedding is even harder!

The new mattress and bed are king. There is no problem finding beautiful king-size quilts. But the pillows are driving me crazy!

First, Craig insists he needs to keep his memory foam pillow (which is, of course, standard size). No problem - I just bought a rather expensive (okay - not so expensive, but not the el cheapo $5 Walmart-special either) memory foam pillow for me last year too. We'll just use 3 standard pillows and return the king-size ones.

Oh - but then I can't buy sets of sheets - everything will have to be open-stock so I can buy king flat & fitted, and THREE standard pillow cases.

Okay - I can do that (even though it means returning the sheet sets I already bought, but no big deal).

BUT - why on earth do people make king-sized quilts and only make standard shams to match???????????? I really don't want 3 standard shams on my bed - I want two king shams.

I am having the hardest time finding something I like that has king shams!!!!! I want a pretty quilt and two king shams - I don't think that's too much to ask.

I am off to look at more bedding....


  1. Hmmm...what about getting a regular set and then finding an extra third pillow case that matches but isn't exact? You may end up cheaper that way instead of buying it all on its own!

  2. Our quilt set came with king sized shams. I have actually never had a king sized quilt or comforter that DIDN'T come with king sized matching shams. I use the king pillows with the shams, 3 standard pillows behind, and a body pillow with an additional standard pillow behind that (Yes, I sleep with 6 pillows and a body pillow. I like a lot of pillows!)

    For the standard pillows, I just fold the king sized pillow cases around them. If you are hand with a sewing machine, it should be pretty easy to shorten them.

    Good luck!