Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School shopping!

My sister was lucky enough to get 30%-off at Kohl's this week, so we are taking advantage and doing our school shopping!

I love school shopping. No - I ADORE school shopping. I think it just takes me back to when I was a young child and a new school year meant so many new things. New school years mean loads of opportunities! (and, of course, I always met every goal - of course).

Thankfully, the kids don't need much this year. Maddie hit a growth spurt in January and I bought her all new pants at that time and they all still fit now! In fact, I actually have the next size up ready and waiting too! She has tons of shirts in her closets already too. So she needs a new pair of sneakers and possibly a new pair of dressier shoes (if we can find some she will actually wear). Ryan grew several inches this summer and none of his pants fit. I had enough stashed away to have a decent wardrobe, but I do need to supplement with some jeans. And he needs sneakers and shoes as well. And pajamas - the poor child tried on his fall/winter jammies the other night and they looked like capris! Jacob only needs sneakers and jeans (for some reason, Ryan never really wore 3T pants, so we have very few hand-me-downs in that size).

I did notice a great selection on the clearance racks too (I LOVE KOHL'S!) so I may have to buy some basics in the next size up for the older kids too. You can never have enough jeans and khakis!

I can't wait to go out with the kids tonight. Jacob and I had a potty-emergency stop at Kohl's this morning (coming home from the horse barn), so we chose jeans and sneakers (High-Top Chuck Taylors!!!!!! Can you say C-U-T-E???????) for him. That means I can have some special time with the older kids tonight!

And I am thinking that the evening may have to end with a stop at Rita's - it would only be out second time this summer!!!!


  1. Grace has pink high-top Chucks! They're just the best! I also adore Kohl's, Lisa! I think I'm almost as permanent a fixture at the one in Trexlertown as the mannequins are, LOL. Happy back to school shopping! Yay!

  2. Kelly - I am surprised we have not run into each other in Kohl's yet! I am there ALL THE TIME. In fact, I am headed there again tonight, to make a few returns and pick-up something I forgot.

  3. School shopping is so much fun, isn't it?? You are so lucky to have the 30% coupon for Kohl's. I only get that one about once a year and when I do, I try to stock up!

  4. Valerie - my mom, my sister and I all live within a few miles of each other and we share our Kohl's discounts. So we always have 3 times the chance of getting a 30% - and it usually happens about 3-4 times a year. I know you aren't supposed to share your discount, but I figure I buy so much more when I have a 30% that Kohl's probably doesn't mind.

    Plus, I almost always give away my 30% (when I have one) once I am done shopping - to someone behind me in line. It makes their day to get a surprise 30% off!

  5. I'm headed out to Kohls in a bit. We got a 30% here too so I plan to use it. The girls have been asking me for a while when we were going school shopping, I kept telling them when mommy gets her kohls coupon. lol Mine need jeans, sneakers and new water bottles. And maybe a skirt or two. We already found backpacks and I know they have a bunch of shirts that still fit. I'm also going to check out the coffee pots over there for our camper.

    We do the same thing, my mom and I share the coupon. She got a 20% this time so mine is better. :P

    Hope you had fun shopping!

  6. I don't know why, but I've never thought to pass it along to someone behind me in line -- what a fabulous idea!! I will definitely be doing that next time.