Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like....

Well, maybe I am not quite ready for Christmas yet, but I feel like it's been on my mind a lot. I was lucky to get an extra 30% off at Kohl's this week - AND they were giving out Kohl's Cash too! So guess who did a huge part of her holiday shopping???? Our family has lots of celebrations in the fall and winter - birthdays galore! So I managed to buy birthday gifts for all my fall birthdays and was also able to cross a number of gifts off my holiday list too! Plus, I earned Kohl's Cash, so I can shop for "free" next week!

When I am not busy shopping at Kohl's I've been

  • Working on Drama Club curriculum - it's our first attempt at a club for grades 1-5, and I wrote all the curriculum. I am crossing my fingers that the club runs smoothly when we start in October!
  • Planning our Brownie meetings through the end of December - some fun outdoor events, lots of crafts and a party or two!
  • Signed Ryan up for Boy Scouts.
  • Enjoyed my first morning ALONE - Jacob attended his first solo preschool session yesterday!
  • steam cleaning my carpets (it was on the to-do list for this fall, but I had to start due to a nasty, leaky trash bag!).
  • Homework, homework homework! It takes so much more organization to get TWO kids to sit down and complete their assignments after school!
  • Got to have a nice visit with an old friend - and meet her 3-month-old little man!
  • I am helping my mom plan a "sprinkle" for my sister (who is due with her 2nd baby in December). She's been blessed with a boy, and is now expecting a little girl!

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  1. I know what you mean... I've been thinking about the holidays a lot too, but wow, you are really far ahead of me. I usually have more of the shopping done by now, but I haven't even started yet. I'd better get crackin' on it!