Sunday, January 9, 2011

Extreme Couponing - Week 2

I forgot to take pics of my finds today, as I was in a hurry to get everything put away before my family returned home from their outing (yes, I had a day to myself today!).

First stop, Walgreens. I bought:
2 Lysol all-purpose cleaner (BOGO + Coupon)
2 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners (BOGO + Coupon)
1 All laundry detergent
2 Scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner
2 Fiber One granola bars
1 Ocean Spray cranberry juice
2 Airborn packs (But One - Get one 50%)
1 pkg BIC disposable razors (6 in pack)

$2 Register Rewards earned

Not the best shopping trip, but I am now fully stocked with cleaning products and Airborn (I recently discovered this stuff, and now swear by it! I am the only one in my house who has not been sick yet this year, and I credit it to Airborn!). And I forgot that the Ocean Spray had an in-store coupon, so I paid $1 more than I should have. I will chalk that up to a novie couponer mistake - this time!

Next I hit my grocery store, where I saved $20 off my bill with coupons and in-store deals, bringing the total down to $55. Not bad for our typical weekly shopping. I do have to go back, because my Grands biscuits rang up at full-price ($1.67) instead of $1/each. I wasn't sure of the deal, but checked the flyer when I got home and found that it should have been on sale. I will stop back tomorrow and get a price adjustment, and maybe pick up some more (my family loves Grands!).

I had forgotten my Extra Care Bucks ($6) from last week, so I brought my groceries home and then went back out to CVS. This trip back a hassle. The cashier was so slow, and then something wrang up incorrectly and I had to get a price adjustment. It took me much longer than anticpated, but I did get some good deals at CVS:

2 15-count Ziplock gallon freezer bags
1 Cinnamon Toast Cruch milk & cereal bars
2 Nature Valley granola bars
1 Airwick warmer unit (this was free with a coupon)
1 Lysol disinfectant spray
1 Airwick freshmate starter kit
1 Lysol Neutra-air air freshener spray
1 Herbal Essance Shampoo
1 Herbal Essance Mousse (free with coupon)
2 Airwick scented oil refill twin packs
1 airwick i-motion starter kit.

$15 ECB earned (!)

I am still debating the Pepsi ECB deal this week. We don't need any more soda, and shouldn't be drinking it anyway, but that $1.67/12-pk (after ECB) is so tempting!

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