Monday, February 23, 2009

Go Eagles???

I have my full-house of children today (my own and my day care kids) AND I have to go into my "Saturday" job tonight. It will be a long day (as I have kids at my house until 5:00 and then I will work from 5:30-10:00).

Why would I agree to such a schedule? It's all because of the Eagles. The Philadelphia Eagles, that is.

This fall, my 5-year-old came home with a school fundraiser. We bought one item and Grandma bought something as well. In January, Ryan came home from school with a paper saying he has a free membership to the Eagles Kids Klub. I thought nothing of it until he told me his Principal gave him this "prize" and there was only one other kid who won too. Turns out, Ryan was entered in a random drawing of all the kids who participated in the fundraiser and he won! He gets a year membership to the Eagles Kids Klub and there is a special tour of Lincoln Financial Field this Saturday.

We're not big football fans at all, but we tend to root for our "hometown team." My father, however, is a die-hard Eagles fan. So Ryan asked PaPa (my dad) and Daddy to take him on the tour (he could have 2 "grown-ups" with him).

So I switched my work schedule so that I could stay home with the other kids while Ryan enjoys his special day with the guys.

Thanks Eagles!!!!

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