Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bathroom cleaning update

I promise - I really am trying to get these bathrooms decluttered and cleaned!

I did squeeze a little time in yesterday and cleaned the 1st floor powder room. I washed all the carpets & towels, scrubbed the floors, did a general cleaning and decluttered the little toilet-top cabinet. It's probably the easiest bathroom to clean - because it's TINY and we don't keep much in there.

But I did find some diaper cream samples tossed in a drawer, as well as a few leftover cloth wipes and baby washcloths. I tossed them out, and one drawer now hosts some personal items for me while the other has become a First Aid drawer (since this bathroom is right by the backdoor, it's the bathroom that mends skinned knees and removes splinters!). Now I can just pull out one drawer and find band aids, tweezers, etc!

So that one's DONE! Yay!

I started on the kids' bathroom upstairs - bought a few bins/baskets at Walmart and began to go through their vanity. it's still a mess though - I guess I need to tackle the toilet-top cabinet next and try to move things into there so that it's more organized.

I'm taking baby steps, but I am getting there!


  1. With my own spring cleaning, I feel that even the baby steps are steps worth taking! My house is becoming less cluttered and much easier to keep up with the daily mess!

    Keep it up!

  2. You've been the one to inspire me! I want to do this more in depth this summer - when I am done doing daycare and I am home all day with just my kids. I'll have more time then, but I'll also NOT have this many kids running through the house all day. Makes a big difference!

    But I'll take a few baby steps now, and hopefully it won't be as big of a task when I do it in July!

  3. That is serious progress! I find I procrastinate cleaning the bathrooms the most -- out of all the other rooms in the house. Baby steps add up, and it's a smart way to go (especially if you have lots of kiddos running around)!