Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Cold Arms"

Jacob likes to snuggle. But not the way most little ones would - there's no snuggling in my lap, or nuzzling with my neck. Nope. This kid likes my "cold arms."

For as long as I can remember, he loves when I wear short sleeves and he can rub my upper arms. He does it when he needs to feel reassured, when he's tired, hurt or just needs some extra love. I guess it started when he was done nursing?

Sometimes I just wish that he would come up and give me a big old hug. But then I think about how totally JACOB this "cold arms" thing is and hope that he still wants to hug my arms for a bit longer.


  1. That's so sweet, Lisa! Grace is a rubber, too! She randomly starts rubbing me when she's sleepy or reallly comfy. Their little quirky things are what's just so precious. :o)

  2. How cute! My middle son used to wrap his hand in my sleeve and twist when he was about 1-2 yrs. Now he loves to sniff my "mommy smell". Probably he'll stop one day, and then I'll be sad.