Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Tonight, I attended a FREE composting lecture and received my very own FREE compost bin (An Earth Machine). How cool is that?

i am not sure how my neighbors will feel about me composting (after all, we live in pretty close quarters in a townhome), but I think I can find a spot which is not offensive to them. And, as the presenters tonight told us, if you compost correctly, there won't be an offensive smell at all.

We were told that we can have compost ready-to-use in 8 weeks. If it ever stops raining here in PA, I'll give it a try!


  1. you got a FREE composter? That's awesome?!? Where was this lecture? Are they having another one??

  2. Yep - it was totally free - which is really awesome!

    It was through a program through Penn State Cooperative Extention. I get their newsletter and they advertised this free program (one in Lehigh County and one in Nothampton County). Check and see if there is an office near you (you are in Southeast PA, right?) and get on their mailing list! They send lots of good info and offer all different types of programs!

  3. That's awesome! Keep us posted on how it works. We don't have a composter, but I would love to try. I'm curious if your neighbors will say anything about it. I think as long as you compost properly they shouldn't be able to smell anything.

  4. YAY! COmposting is on my list for things to make happen sometime soon! :) I would love a free composter!