Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spending money to save?

I just subscribed to our local newspaper. We haven't received the newspaper for over 5 years now (as part of our cost-cutting methods), but I also do not get the coupons! I started buying a paper at the convenience store on occasion, and thought perhaps it was time to start getting the paper at home.

I prepaid $109.20 for a year of Wed-Sun service - this means I'll get all the good yard sale ads on Friday & Saturday AND all the ads and coupons on Sunday. Hopefully I'll recoup my $109.20 in savings over the course of the year.


  1. I shouldn't be too hard to recoup that over the course of a year. With coupons alone you can save a ton of money, especially if you go to a store that doubles or triples them.

    You must be so excited to be home again this summer! You and the kids are really going to enjoy all the freedom. :-)

  2. I think it's a good investment. You really can save a ton with coupons. I have the best of both worlds...we don't pay for the paper but my hubby brings (steals) the coupons for me from the paper at work. I'm jealous about the yard sale ads though, would love to get the paper for those.