Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting personal

Okay - time to get personal. I'll try not to give too much info here, but I need to get some of these thoughts out of my head, and this seems like the best venue to do it.

I've been having some issues with my monthly cycle. For several months, I was having some spotting midcycle (which is not the norm for me). I talked to my midwife about it twice, and we decided that there was no cause for alarm - it's most likely either harmless cysts or just a change in my hormones.

This month I have the opposite problem. I am over a week LATE and there is no sign of my visitor showing up any time soon.

Now, there is very little chance that I could be pregnant, but the possibility does exist. So I've taken 2 pregnancy tests this week and both were, without a doubt, negative. Yet here I am - day 37 of a normally 27/28-day cycle.

So my head is spining. Last few months, I was bleeding too much. Now I am not bleeding at all.

A pregnancy would be very much unplanned and a BIG shock (how on earth can we afford another child - we have no materinty or baby stuff left in our house - and we'd need a bigger house!) to both Craig and I, but at least it would be an answer. I doubt that I am pregnant though - a test would show up positive at this point.

I am worried a bit that something could be wrong. Or nervous that I could be going into early menopause or something. I am sure I am jumping the gun, but I've only been this late three times in my life (and those times are named Maddie, Ryan and Jacob).

I have been slightly late (like 3-4 days late) a few times. Most recently, it was when my sister announced a pregnancy and shortly after miscarried (chemical pregnancy). A month ago, the same thing happened to her again - and she then discovered she was pregnant AGAIN (without even having a cycle after her loss - this one is looking WONDERFUL for her and will hopefully stick!). I wonder if her hormones are having an effect on mine.

Craig is a bit worried - and I am trying to keep him calm. He doesn't know if he should be worried about another baby on the way, or if he's worried something could be wrong with me. I have told my sister that I am late (she brought me the 1st pregnancy test LOL) too.

Hopefully I'll know what's going on soon. This is driving me half-crazy!


  1. Oh I hope things work out for you! Those issues can be so frustrating.

    BTW, I responded to your painting questions (finally...sorry!) on my blog. :)

  2. I had that happen not too long ago. I ended up being about two weeks late and it was the strangest thing. No reason for it, just happened. Hopefully you get on track soon! You've had some stress recently with giving notice to your parents and making a huge decision. It could be that.

  3. My money is on stress! Definitely keep an eye on it, and keep us posted. Interesting theory about your sister's hormones... I wonder if that happens to anyone else?

  4. Thanks ladies :) It's day 37 - still no Auntie Flo and yet another negative hpt this morning.

    Nicki - my sister and I would both set my mom off - she would go months without a cycle and then as soon as we'd come home from collge BAM. So I wonder if my sister's hormones are affecting me? We're geographically close as well as good friends, so I guess it's possible.