Friday, May 22, 2009

Something's Missing....

Ryan lost his first tooth tonight!

We had a fun night taking a long walk, playing at the playground and finally came home for nice, relaxing baths. I was just about to step in the shower when Ryan asked me to look at his "super loose tooth." Wow! It was loose! We checked it just last week and it wasn't this loose!

Well, the poor guy just started crying - he was so afraid to lose a tooth! he wiggled it a bit more and we all heard a CRACK and knew it had to come out. So I reached in and plucked it out.

As soon as it was out, he was really REALLY excited and proud!

Maddie lost her first 2 teeth before she was even 5 years old. Ryan turned 6 last month, so he's been waiting for this.

We finally got his Tooth Fairy Box out tonight!


  1. Congratulations, Ryan! YAY! What are the tooth fairy's rates in PA? :)

  2. Tooth Fairy is CHEAP here in PA. $2 for the first tooth and $1 after that. LOL

  3. Ah well... she's been paying $2 per tooth here. J lost most of his in dramatic fashion... the first one we didn't even know was loose until he pulled it out with a chain. He lost one by running into a kid at the Christmas Village near Reading and leaving his tooth in the kid's forehead. I could go on..... but I won't LOL