Tuesday, April 21, 2009

budget buster (not really!)

Okay - so we have been talking about sticking with a budget, cutting out things like cable tv, etc.

Well, last night we made the decision to order Tivo HD for my husband. LOL

He's been wanting one since we got the new tv (we previously had regular Tivo - an invention that came straight from heaven IMHO). In an attempt to save a little money, we canceled Tivo and got a DVR from our cable company. WRONG MOVE! The DVR just doesn't work. We've tried and tried, but we have nothing but problems.

We ran the numbers (yet again) last night, and figured out that Tivo HD will cost us $3 more a month than what we are paying for now. Of course, we have to buy the unit itself.

We had budgeted for a new videocamera before our vacation, but Craig just told me he's getting all new camera at work and we can "borrow" one of the older ones for our vacation - eliminating the need to buy one at this time. So we'll use the camera money to buy Tivo and everyone is happy.

i amglad that I can help my husband get what he wants - he doesn't ask for too much. And I am REALLY glad I can do it without breaking the budget!

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