Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Update

Nope - I am not watching Saturday Night Live!

It's been a busy weekend already, and it's only 8:10 AM on Saturday!

Yesterday, we had our yard sale with a few other neighbors. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and we sold over half of our "treasures" and made $200! Yay! I forgot the sunscreen though, and have a sunburned neck now! And I did let Ryan skip school and stay at the yard sale with me - he sold $7.75-worth of lemonade. :) Unfortunately, we won't have to lie on his excuse blank for school - by mid-afternoon I knew he wasn't feeling quite right. Poor guy had a 101-fever! He took a nice, long rest in the afternoon and felt better (oh, I think the Motrin helped a bit too).

I was worried about him being sick - because last night was Ryan and Maddie's birthday party at Bounce U! We had 22 (yes - 22!) kids there last night. Despite one little guy missing his mom too much, another cutting his thumb and a few bops on the head from flying basketballs , everyone had a great time!

I have to give a big THUMBS UP to Bounce U. Yes, they were pricy, but they throw a nice party! We spilt this party between Maddie and Ryan's friends, so I paid less for one big party than I would have for 2 smaller ones. We won't be able to do big parties like this every year, but we had the money available this year so we went for it! We had 75-minutes of "bounce time" and 45 minuntes in the party room (where we opted to order pizza and drink for all the kids/parents in addition to our cupcake *cakes are the only food you are allowed to bring to Bounce U*). I really enjoyed watching my kids play with their friends from school. I only know a select few friends, so this was a great opporunity to meet some new ones - and I met some really nice moms too!

This morning, I am at work. Before I left, I got all the remaining yard sale goodies out and our neighbor is going to sell my goodies (in return, we let her take over the other half of our driveway with her stuff!). I hope to find everything GONE when I get home!

Best new is, this yard sale money has just about filled our anticipated budget for adding days onto our vacation - so all 14 days will be paid for soon! (We just added a 3-night stay in Myrtle BEach to our Orlando vacation - hooray!).

I wonder what the rest of this beautiful weekend will have in store?

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  1. Good morning, April! Congratulations on doing so well at your yard sale! I so want (ok need) to do one, but I don't want to do all the work involved. Tell me it was effortless, OK?

    Anyway, have a great weekend! Oh, yeah enjoy Orlando... I hope you are stopping at Disney!

    Hugs from Eventually Cottage!