Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We're havin' a Yard Sale!

Our neighborhood is kind of known for having great yard sales - usually in mid-May. They changed the date on us this year, and I was bummed that they moved it to April (when I am still working on Saturdays). A bunch of my close neighbors wanted to also hold their sales on Friday, and I am thrilled that I can join them for at least one day!

I have my garage sale system down pretty well. I have a stack of boxes in my storage room that are just for garage sale items - I organize and price all items before they go into the boxes. I have about 7 boxes ready-to-go with almost no work!

I have been running through my house finding more items. We're paring down the kids' VHS collection, going through some toys and delving deep into the basement storage to get rid of some of those items we never use.

i am also *sniff sniff* getting rid of our baby stuff. I don't have a lot left (most I gave away to family or friends, or sold on Craigslist), but I do have a Jumparoo, a pack-n-play and a few other things that I am ready to part with now (I held on to most items in case I did more childcare - I know I won't be doing that anymore, so I will get rid of it).

I still won't part with my slings though! We rarely babywear anymore, but I am still hanging on to those!

So here's hoping I make some nice money on Friday - and clean out the house a bit too. I am also considering keeping Ryan home from school that day. He's in morning kindergarten, but it's parent-teacher conference week, so he only goes to school for 90 minutes. He has a HUGE interest in money, and I think helping with a yard sale would be an excellent lesson for him. He's never missed a day of school, so I think we could take a nice, little "homeschool" break from public school on Friday! I am hoping I can get my mom to watch Jacob, so that I can give my full attention to Ryan that morning.

For any of you in the Lehigh Valley - stop by and find some bargains! I'll be out on Friday morning, but the HUGE sale in on Saturday (2 seperate townhome developments and 2 single-home developments too!). It's supposed to be a nice weekend!

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