Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What it all boils down to....

I had Ryan's parent-teacher conference tonight. His teacher had lots of nice things to say about him - his excellent reading skills, classroom citizenship, math skills (I could go on - can you tell I am proud of him?)....

But the biggest thing that I took away from the conference was when she said "You know, Ryan just loves Fridays. He comes off the bus with a huge smile and he tells me 'My mom doesn't have the other kids today. We get to go for lunch at (*fill in the blank*) today - just me and Mommy and Jacob!' I hope you know just how much it means to him that you spend those Fridays with him."

Indeed - THIS is what is important. Ryan does not go into to school on Thursdays and say "Hooray - my mom gets paid today!" Nope - he cares about Fridays - the only day of the week that I am home with just him (and his brother).

I have been looking for a sign telling me what to do about babysitting. I think this may have been it, don't you?


  1. I think you've found your sign! If you haven't seen it already, watch this video from The Happiness Project. http://www.theyearsareshort.com/

    The days are long..but the years are short.

  2. That video was beautiful! Thanks for helping me keep things in perspective!

  3. this just made my heart happy! Good luck Lisa!