Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to Throw a (better) Birthday Party

The boys' party turned out very well, but there's always room for improvement, right? Here are a few notes that will hopefully help me execute the next party better.

Party Prep
  • Create 2 seperate shopping lists - one for Sam's Club and one for the grocery store.
  • Allow enough time for the Sam's Club trip FIRST. Add anything unavailable at Sam's to the other shopping list.
  • Be sure to buy Fruit & Veggie trays at Sam's Club - they were less than half the price of the grocery store and served us well!
  • Plan an activity for Craig and the kids to do together so that they are occupied while I prep.
  • Run the dishwasher and EMPTY IT before the party, so it's ready to be filled again when the party is over.
  • 8 lbs of ham is a lot! Freeze half right after slicing.
  • Buy more Swiss cheese (we ran out within minutes! Who knew my family likes Swiss so much?)
  • Buy fewer salty snacks.
Party time!
  • Remember to hand out favors to the guests!
  • Try to determine if any guests need to leave early (my cousin and her family had to leave just as we let the kids open some gifts - I wish I would have known she had to leave so that we could have started things earlier).
  • If it's a nice day (and it was), put outdoor toys in an obvious and accessible place for guests to use. We were scrambling for bubbles mid-party.
  • Disposable table cloths are our friend.
  • Somehow steal a few minutes to vacuum - even if it's late (perhaps have Craig get the kids ready for bed?). We found a few ants the morning after the party!
Hopefully I'll come back to this post before Maddie's birthday party in May!

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