Monday, March 30, 2009


That's the noise we heard on Sunday night as a huge storm blew through town. There was thunder, lightening, and HAIL - lots of hail. It started out as pea-sized and then got much bigger. We were worried about our cars (we have a one-car garage which is too small for either car, so they are parked in the driveway), but there doesn't seem to be any damage.

The kids were terrified! We have a skylight in the living room and the hail was REALLY loud on it. I was actually a little worried that if the hail got any bigger that it would crack the skylight, so we stayed out of the living room!

Here's the hail about 20 minutes AFTER the storm:

And the rain waters running through our backyard:

And, because we can't have the camera out and NOT have Jacob posing, a picture of a very silly Jacob and Mommy.

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