Thursday, March 19, 2009

How a hernia made up my mind

First, I had my surgical consult yesterday and it went well. I indeed have a hernia which should be repaired, but it's not an emergency case, and my surgeon said I will be perfectly fine waiting until this summer (after we return from Disney) to have the surgery. The doctor was really nice and made me feel very comfortable. He said I'll need about 2 weeks to fully recover - meaning Craig will get to use some of his vacation time to help me take care of the kids while I recover. I am not really looking forward to the surgery, but I feel that I should have it done before it becomes more problematic. I am glad I can do it on my own time - and that I am not having it done next week!

BUT - I think I finally have my answer about what to do about my childcare position. I am going to finish the school year (which is only 12 more weeks) with the set of brothers I have. I will not take them next year. The other 5-year-old boy I will also take only through the end of the school year. I was undecided about taking him this summer, but now that I know i need 2 weeks off for our vacation, and now another 2 weeks off for my surgery, I feel the best thing for everyone is to give them notice that I can only take them until school is over.

This leaves me with my 8-year-old girl that I have been watching for 2 years. She is such a good kid and Craig and I have decided that she can come to our house when Craig is covering for me after surgery. Just having "K" here will be so much easier - I can take the kids to the park and on little outings (we love doing the summer reading club at the local library!). I think it will be the best of both worlds - a little income but a lot less stress.

Once school starts again in the fall, "K" will only come before/after school, so I will pretty much be back to "SAHM" status again. I couldn't be happier!

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