Monday, March 2, 2009

"No Spend" March

I am trying something new this month - I am going "No Spend" for March. My plan is to try to not buying anything we don't need. I will continue to do my regular grocery shopping and allow us to eat out once a week (hey, old habits are hard to break!). Basically, I am focusing on not buying THINGS at this point.

Fair warning - if you have stock in Kohl's department store, you may want to sell now - because I am NOT shopping this month! :)

I am doing this mostly to just see how hard it is to stay on track. I also want to see what our budget looks like if I curb my spending habits. It's also an effort to stockpile some savings before I am no longer employed this summer.

Oh - and I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon to have the assumed-hernia checked out. I am hoping for an opinion that will let me push off correcting this until after our vacation in June!

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