Saturday, March 21, 2009

Preparing for our Disney Vacation

I have mentioned our Disney vacation before. It's a huge deal to all of us in our family. We have taken a few small trips with the kids in the past (we've gone on short 3-day trips to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA and spent a mini-week at Rehoboth Beach, DE two years ago), but we've never done a BIG vacation. This was partly due to cost, and partly due to us being kind of chicken to take 3 yound children very far.

In June, we're headed to Disney for 8 days! And we're driving - from PA to Florida - for a total of 4 days on the road. We have saved our pennies (and nickles, and dimes - and a whole bunch of dollars too!) so that we can pay for this trip in cash (which is such a great feeling).

This trip started out as a 5-day visit to Orlando for our family (while Craig attends a conference there). We were going to do DIsney for just 2 days. It has grown to 8 days in Orlando (plus our travel time), a huge vacation rental home (to accomodate our family of 5 PLUS my parents who offered to come help with the kids) and lots and lots of planning!

We are less than 90 days from our vacation now, I have launched into full Disney mode. My focus this week was on FOOD - we made reservations for 2 charachter meals at Disney! Now that those reservations are in place, I have shifted my focus to the actual care ride to Florida.

I have been collecting little gifts to give the kids along the way - little toys and games for the car ride, special edible treats, etc. I am trying to find some special "state line" gifts too - something to represent the states we will be driving through. If you have any ideas for PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, NC, SC, GA & FL - let me know!!!!!

I'll be posting a lot more about our trip prep, as it's the biggest thing on our adjenda for the next few months. I need packing lists, itinerary plans, new clothes (we've started trying on all of the kids summer clothes so we know what we are lacking), new shoes and lots and lots of sunscreen!

If your family likes to travel, what are your best tips for a good trip?

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