Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Livin' with a Hernia

Okay - so my kids love Weird Al songs - and they have come to know about hernias through his video Livin' with a Hernia.

My son thinks it's so funny that I have a hernia now. I am not nearly as amused!

My family doctor confirmed that I do indeed have a hernia (not the world's ugliest belly button, as I previously thought!). I have an appointment with a surgeon at the end of April. I thought I would get an appointment sooner - nearly everyone I talked to said they had appointments within days of diagnosis. So I am looking for another practice to call (in addition to the one I was referred to by my doc).

I am just glad that I have no pain and it's a small hernia. I am hoping that I can now schedule a surgery AFTER our DisneyWorld trip in June.

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