Friday, March 13, 2009

Disney Countdown Night

This is my first time posting on Furthering His Kingdom Fridays (stop over and see Kelly at The Barefoot Mama).

We have a big family vacation planned for June - our first trip to Disney World! Craig has a business trip planned for the Orlando area, and we decided to piggyback on that trip (which means that some of our expenses will be paid for by Craig's work!). We've been saving our pennies (and dimes, and quarters) for about a year so that we can pay for this trip in cash and truly enjoy this big family vacation.

We are all so excited to be heading to see Disney, so we've been doing a Disney Countdown Night for a few weeks. It's been a fun way to spend a Friday night as a family. We pick a movie and plan our dinner and evening activities around that theme. Some nights, the kids opt to actually watch the Disney movie; other times, they play or do a craft.

Tonight, we are going to celebrate Lady and the Tramp. We will be eating spaghetti and meatballs (of course!) and having some brownies with little plastic dogs on top!

We've had pirate ship hot dogs, Finding Nemo desserts (blue jello with some candy fish), And Make-Your-Own-Pizza (Planet) pizza night (from Toy Story). The kids get so excited abut their special dinners and look forward to it all week!

Even if you aren't counting down to Disney, you can easily start a family tradition of a special theme Family Night once a week. I love seeing the kids faces when they find out we're having "walk the plank french fries" and it's helped me be more creative in the kitchen too!


  1. How neat!!!! We have family night on Friday's. We always have pizza but i think if I came up or had them come up with a theme they may be willing to give it up!

  2. We started out with pizzas too - but now they love the theme nights! I actually try not to tell them what we are having - they love the surprise!!! I think I may have been able to sneak some "different" foods into their meals and they never noticed!