Monday, March 23, 2009

Prayers please

I have a prayer request - I just spoke with my sister after she received some test results back from the doctor - she is having her second miscarriage this year. :(

This will be the second "chemical pregnancy" for her, and although the doctors say it's perfectly normal and she has every reason to believe she will get pregnant again soon, she's still devastated beyond belief.

I am very sad for her. I feel like I have no words, because I have never been in this situation. I just let her cry and be sad and angry and hurt - and hope that she feels better some day soon.

She has a beautiful 2-year-old son already and she loves him to pieces, but people keep telling her that she basically shouldn't be too upset about this loss because she has a son already. I understand that she hurts for THIS baby too.

Also, her husband has 2 sisters who have been trying to conceive for nearly 2 years. One has had a string of miscarriages - the other is unable to conceive at all. My sister's MIL has lost 5 grandchildren this year.

So if you could keep her (Lori) and her family in your prayers I would appreciate it. They would too.


  1. I'm in prayer for your sister and her two sisters-in-law. The pain of losing a child isn't any less just because you already have a living child already. It breaks my heart that inconsiderate people say that to your sister. One of my friends just lost her baby and she was 16 weeks pregnant. It was a total shock and devastating. I'm lifting your sis up in prayer now - praying for God's healing, comfort and love to surround her.