Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Is today over yet?

I had so many plans for today - and then NOTHING went according to plan at all.

Maddie was not feeling well last night, so it was not a big surprise to have her wake up with a fever and still feeling icky. So Maddie got to stay home from school.

I spent nearly 45 minutes on the phone with Disney Dining trying to (once again) get a reservation for the Sci-Fi Restaurant. There are NO reservations available - lunch or dinner - the entire week we will be in Orlando. I did, however, manage to snag a dinner reservation at Le Cellier for my parents. Yay!

Then it was time for lunch prep - and my barely 5-year-old microwave DIES. It runs - the timer works - but it will not heat food. Doesn't even make it break a sweat.

Therefore, I got to spend my afternoon researching new microwaves (because one call to our appliance repair shop told us it was cheaper to buy a new one rather than repair the "old" one).

By 4:00 my mind was fried. The daycare boys were WILD all afternoon, and my daycare girl came home and didn't seem like her normal self. She pretty much reinforced that when she began vomiting in my kitchen (at least she made it to the garbage can!).

So, now I have my own sick child (who at this point is feeling worse and the fever has gone up to 102.5), a sick daycare child, a toddler who just pooped in his big boy pants, a broken microwave and have to plan to somehow get to a store and purchase a new microwave.

My dad was nice enough to offer to pick me up to go shopping (so that Craig could stay home and tend to the boys and poor, sick Maddie). I quick opted to reheat leftovers for dinner - BUT NO MICROWAVE! LOL Thankfully Craig had one in his office so he brought that home and saved the day.

In the end, poor Maddie is still super sick (I am actually a little worried if this fever doesn't go down after this latest dose of Motrin). I did manage to buy a new microwave at Sears tonight (after visiting MANY stores).

I have a feeling tomorrow isn't going to be much easier than today - and Craig works late on Wednesdays! I think I am going to shortly be switching over to "survival mode." These are the days that I am super glad my kids have way too many clothes - because I just don't know how I would even fit laundry in my day!

Hope you all are having a better Tuesday!

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