Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ready and waiting...

Spring can't get here soon enough for me! I prepped the garden about 2 weeks ago, and I planted our sugar snap peas on St. Patrick's Day! Of course, it got COLD right after that, so I am not sure how well they will do.

I am a gardening novice. I made this raised bed 2 years ago, and the first year we had a GREAT yield! Last year, nothing did overly well. I am hoping to do a little better this year.

And, we're going to expand the garden! Maddie asked for her own little patch of ground, so we're going to add a few raised beds for the kids to call their own. I may make a few extra for ME too!

We used raised beds because the quality of our soil is terrible. It's mostly clay, but our house is actually built over top an old junk yard, so there is all sorts of YUCK mixed in our soil. The raised beds have worked well.

I am going to a composting seminar in May, so we'll be giving that a try this year too!


  1. Ooh! Lucky you! That looks like a great start to a promising garden! We have a little raised bed also and I am hoping on planting some tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers. Maybe a container garden with herbs also... hmm.. the possibilities of Spring! ;)

    p.s. Hope your daughter gets well soon. It's certainly no fun having a sick child in the house. :(

  2. Thanks Mama! Each year I try something different in the garden. I had cukes that thrived, but my zucchini was terrible last year! yellow squash has typically done well for me. We had some great green beans last year, and the sugar snap peas were the "it" veggie of the year! We planted tons more this year to meet demand!

    Thanks for thinking of my daughter - she's not liking being sick, but I think she's enjoying the downtime it's allowing her!

  3. ooooh, what a great-looking garden already!! I wan't wait to start one at our new house. Good job, mama!

    BTW, I responded to your question about where I get my coupons under that post, in case you miss it. NEED to start CVSing if you live that close!! I would love to come and take you on your trial run...what fun?!

  4. Thanks Abbi - I did forget to go back and check about the coupons (it's been that kind of a week already!). Got it now! I will have to try out CVS.

    Guess I need to start getting the paper first - we haven't gotten it since we've been in this house (5 years! LOL).

    I think "my" CVS is not too far from you at all (if you live right by Kelli, then you're just a few miles from me!).

    i did actually walk to CVS this afternoon for more meds for Maddie. Poor girl finished our bottle of Motrin already!