Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Someone call the Spending Police!

I said this was a "No Spend March" - that I would really REALLY try to not to buy anything we didn't need.

I am not sure my purchase tonight qualifies as a "need" but I think it was okay.

My daughter is going to be attending a Father-Daughter dance through Girl Scouts. The dance is in mid-April, but with a slew of early April birthdays and anniversaries AND Easter, I want to be prepared now while I have the time.

Madeline does not wear dresses. She pretty much only wears jeans, which is normally fine. We discussed that she would need to wear something appropriate for the dance, and she agreed to go shopping with me to try to find something.

Kohl's was offering an extra 20% off, and she actually agreed to buy a dress! I am not thrilled with the choice - the pea green color is just not the prettiest for her, but I wasn't about to argue! I am pleased that she came home with something!

Honestly, she has no dresses (or even a skirt) in her closet, so I guess this does sort of fall into a "need" for us. :)

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