Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family Meals

My mom invited us for dinner tonight (yay! I don't have to cook!). Of course, my sister and her family will also be there, making the total 10 people for a Thursday night dinner. Fun!

We used to do these big family dinners once a week. I loved those dinners! As a young stay-at-home mom (with limited contact with the outside world) I had something to look forward to all week. We were able to enjoy a yummy meal and the company of our family. Moreover, *I* got to eat that meal with 2 hands because there were other people helping to look after my children and have some adult conversation! My children got to see their grandparents, aunt and uncle on a regular basis. It really was a pleasant event for all parties involved!

Unfortunately, these big family dinners stopped when my parents sold my childhood home and moved to a new home. They are still very close to us, but just the stresses of moving stopped the dinners and they never really resumed. Now, both my sister and I have busy families and it's harder to find a time that everyone is able to get together. It makes me sad that we don't have these family dinners regularly anymore.

But family meals are still a regular part of our life. We eat nearly all of our meals as a family. During the week, the children and I have breakfast and lunch together, and all 5 of us eat together for dinner. On weekends, we eat nearly every meal together as a family. I like to connection it gives us - taking time to break bread together. I hope that we continue to do this even as my children grow and get busier and busier.

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen. It has to be the most used room in the house; however, it's pretty neglected. We've been in our house for 5 years, and the kitchen has yet to see even a simple coat of paint.

Coming Next: See my poor, naked kitchen and help me pick some paint colors for it!

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  1. That is important to us here too, having dinner all together. My husband always says that is one thing we'll be putting our foot down about later on as they grow, still having dinner as a family.

    You should try to make the chicken salad, it's so easy! When I think about it, I buy crossaints (no idea on the spelling) at Wegmans to put it on. I am SO tired of those plates. I was just saying that if we had the money for new plates I would get plain white ones. They are indestructible though, they have held up really well.